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7 Tips to Plan a warm winter marquee event

Are you planning to hire a party marquee for any special occasion? Be it a winter wedding, a birthday party, a Christmas party, or a corporate event, hiring a beautiful marquee can indeed be the key to organizing a distinctive event. But, are you confused about the ways to deal with the cold weather outside? No worries! All you need to do is add some heat to your event. Marquees are an excellent solution for every event that needs a unique attraction to encourage guest attendance. Whether you are planning to organize a wedding reception, a backyard party, a birthday party, or an exhibition, opting for a marquee hire in Kent can be your best solution. And, with so multiple options for structures and interior design, marquee events can provide the ideal opportunity to host unforgettable parties. But, how do you keep those cold shivers away? Here’s everything you need to know about hosting a heated marquee event in the winter!

 Tips for the Warm Winter Marquee Event

1. Heaters

Well-placed heating for a winter party is an important aspect of a successful marquee winter party heater hire.

Just like you would need to heat up any indoor space during winter to create a warm relaxing environment, you need to heat up the inside of your marquee.

To evenly heat the space, be sure to strategically place heaters around the space, and circulate the warm air.

To encourage guests to remove their coats and relax as they make their way to the marquee. Make sure you place one at the entrance to welcome your guests with a pleasant rush of warmth.

2. Colours

Using warm colors can help you make the venue feel very cozy. While it is true that this will not make any difference to the actual temperature, it will certainly make a difference to the mood of your guests. For example, a wedding mandap decorated in burgundy and deep ambient hues can definitely stand out from the cold weather outside.

3. Lighting

To help your guests forget about the chilly weather outside, and keep them relaxed, you need to choose the right lighting in terms of the colors chosen and the fixtures used.

Colorful lighting choices like orange and auburn can give the space a tropical feel, taking guests’ minds out of the dull and cold weather.

The lighting used outside as well as at the entrance should be strategically chosen to give guests the impression of a warm cozy space as they approach.

In addition, you can also use many other lighting devices, such as spotlights, festoons, filament bulbs, paper lanterns, chandeliers, LEDs and fairy lights, etc.

So, if you are trying to avoid the cold outside, make sure you do not use cold-colored lighting. Instead, choose warmer-colored up-lighters like oranges and auburn. For a trendy effect, consider lining the ceiling with super-stylish pylons.

4. The Location

When choosing a specific marquee location for your winter party, it’s important to consider where your guests and suppliers will park, and how they will all get to the area.

Winter is a wet season, and if suppliers need to drive heavy vehicles to the site of the marquee, you may find the ground is churned up before your guests even arrive.

Guests won’t want to get their feet wet walking from the parking area to the marquee. Therefore, you may need to plan an access track or walkway to make it easier for everyone involved to reach the marquee.

5. Flooring

To create a professional-looking and comfortable space you need to have the right flooring. The right flooring should make for a refined finish and also prevent water from seeping through the floor during wet winters.

A cassette or boarded floor over which cord carpet is installed not only provides solid ground but also makes it possible for you to create a comfortable space.

The wide selection of finishes on offer makes it easy for you to find the look you love.

6. Exterior

Even before your guests walk through the door, make sure they are immediately impressed with the feeling of warmth they’ll be experiencing inside the marquee. For example, you can place some fiery flames on either side of the entrance to your venue as they make for a dramatic entrance and even give off warmth.

7. Winter Accessories

The festival season is winter. And, to give your guests a celebratory winter feeling, consider focusing on a finer detail of the marquee that reflects the season. You can decorate your marquee with beautiful candles as their small burning flame can give a gorgeous golden glow. Plus, you can add rich greens and seasonal foliage to bring the outdoors in without the harsh winter. With these helpful tips at your fingertips, what are you still wondering? It’s time to start planning a memorable winter marquee event!


Considering the chilly and mostly wet weather outside, planning a marquee winter party hire might not be the best idea. However, with the right tips and tricks in mind, you can create a warm, cozy, and unforgettable space.

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